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Hey there, the names Jamie Bennett. I'm 17 years old and my best friend is a mischievous winter spirit named Jack Frost.

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In the trailer, I thought Jamie was a girl at first. >w<

“You thought I was a girl…? I AM MANLY, DANG IT.”

“Well, Jamie is a unisex name, after all. It’s not your fault you’ve got those curled eyelashes.” 


Excuse me? *Jamie narrowed his eyes at the ghost girl* My eyelashes are not curled. You wanna know who looks like a girl?? YOU! *It was one of those times the teen spoke before thinking over what he was about to say and he was left just pointing at the other, lips forming into a hard line*

Brunnie’s eyes darted between the angry teenager’s face and his own finger once or twice while sporting a rather flat yet surprised expression at his outburst. That expression proved to be a facade; a smile was threatening to break out and she had to bite down on her lip to keep the laughter back - it was a futile attempt.

“Pfffffft! What?! Me?! I look a girl?! You don’t say!” She mocked before she allowed herself to laugh, and it was a good laugh. When it was over, she was doubled over and clutching at her sides. “No duh, Bennett, what gave me away?!”

*Jamie dropped his finger and still looked less than amused at the girl* Pretty much everything. *He answered lamely, scowling* Wait… are you… telling me you’re actually a girl? *Raising an eyebrow, his expression dropped to surprise*

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    Scrawny? *Jamie laughed shortly* Is that the best you got? You’ve been around for how long and that’s the best you can...
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