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Hey there, the names Jamie Bennett. I'm 17 years old and my best friend is a mischievous winter spirit named Jack Frost.

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I am not feeling real comfortable with this transporter…
They’re so fishy. They wouldn’t even give us an address until 2 days before we’re suppose to get him.
Then they wouldn’t give me a date nor time.
Like, look, lady. We live 5 hours away from the closest pick up you had. You can’t just call us the day of the pick up with a time.

I had to finally pry it out of them and I still don’t feel comfortable with it. She said “Normally Fridays around 8pm”. What the fuck kind of professional response is that? Normally? What if it’s not normally that day? And we’re stuck there until Saturday? Who am I suppose to even look for? What is your name? Is it in the parking lot or the inn?

UUGGGHHH. They’re acting like this is the first time they’ve done this. When it’s not!

I’m getting really frustrated with this transporter

That’s suppose to be bringing our dog half way for pick up

But I’m trying to keep my cool…



Cyngus has dark hair and dark eyes. Most people would just assume that he got the traits from his mother. But a trait that all Dangers have is blue eyes. All of them. Drake’s whole family from when he was alive had blue eyes.

Truth is Cygnus is not Drake’s son. Drake found the fourteen year old dying in an alley. He came to do his job. And he did it. But instead of going to the afterlife, Drake ended up with a very persistent ghost that kept trying to fuck him.

So he did the logical thing he made him a reaper and he had Neil mess with Cygnus’s memories and make him think that he was his father. That way any ‘feelings’ he had to Drake couldn’t be acted upon.

That’s why Drake is a horrible father to Cygnus. But he isn’t his son.



Drake’s never going to tell. He really wants to see the look of surprise and happiness on Jamie’s face
Cause he’s trying to give Jamie more sentiment gifts and stuff and he’s so proud of one of them and I just wanna tell you what it is
but Drake won’t let me

I think when they start arguing over ivory and eggshell is gonna be my favourite time.

Aw, Drake. When did you get so freaking romantic?
Stop it. But don’t really stop it. Jamie’s a sucker for romance.

I don’t think that’ll be an argument cause Jamie will just be like, don’t give me that pretentious bull. It’s just going to be white. lol

askjackfrostt said: ((*whisperes* Mario Badescu drying lotion is amazing))

Thanks darling~. But I already use two types of medication prescribed by a doctor (sometimes 3 if I get pills). Yeah… it’s that kind of acne.


Forget about Drake, I’ve already seen Drake be a parent.
I can’t wait for Jamie and Neil
cause well Neil’s still gonna be a Godfather
ad though he was to the other kids too, I feel like Mandus would be different for him
And Drake says he’s not cute, he’s sexy

Asdjh, I am not going to forget about Drake! Cause I haven’t seen him be a father yet! And I want too. Cause I feel like it’s going to be so different then when he was a father with the other kids. Maybe cause Jamie isn’t going to let him skip out.
Oh man, I’m excited for Jamie to be all against Neil being a part of Mandus’ life. But like I just know Mandus and Neil are going to get along so well. It’s going to be so cute. I want to see Neil’s soft side~.


It wasn’t something he liked to talk about. Sure one day he was going to have to tell Jamie. But that day wasn’t today. And it wasn’t any day soon. He raised an eyebrow at the next question. “Really that’s what you’re deciding to ask me? You’re dating a reaper and you want to now if I’m really a vampire.” He chuckled before nodding, “Yeah I am a vampire.”

*Jamie joined Keegan in his laughter and glanced down at his hands, which rested top the counter* You just don’t look anything like the way the media portrays vampires. Which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. *He looked back up at the other before speaking again* So… do you—you know—have fangs?

Somebody’s Been Sitting In My Chair ||closed||


He nodded in a jerky motion. He was glad that Jamie had gotten to sleep. He knew it probably wasn’t the best sleep, but it was better than nothing. He ran a hand through his hair his gaze dropping to the floor. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to tell Jamie how long he had been here. But there was no point in lying really. “I’ve been here since you asked me to leave.” He cleared his through in a nervous motion. “I didn’t want to leave you.” He muttered softly, fighting the need to touch Jamie.

It felt like he had gone months without touching the teen and it was killing him that he wasn’t. He wanted to make sure this was real.

*That didn’t really tell him how long the other had actually been sitting out here, since he was still unsure of the time. But it had to of been at least a few hours considering it’d been light out when he’d fallen asleep and now it was dark* That was sweet of you… *It was all Jamie could think to say in response, as he was still feeling sore with the reaper.

There was but one question left on his mind now, and he was somewhat hesitant of voicing it but he needed to know* So… is he gone? *Jamie asked, unable to bring himself to say the name*

I wish I had perfect skin. My acne is my biggest insecurity and my never ending battle…

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