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Hey there, the names Jamie Bennett. I'm 17 years old and my best friend is a mischievous winter spirit named Jack Frost.

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I hate that Drake is my strongest muses because he affects all my other muses with his feelings and I can’t rp now because jamie-bennett and I broke Drake and all my other muses are just standing around looking confused.

[Oops. I didn’t mean to break the others~]

Somebody’s Been Sitting In My Chair ||closed||


He started walking towards Jamie when he had stopped. Cygnus tried to be like most teens, empty and apathetic. But there was one thing he could never hide, how much he cared for his family. And Jamie was family. He was sweet and kindness that he would never get from Drake and that he used to get from his mother. He was the only thing keeping Drake together and if he left, the house might as well burn to the ground.

He came to a stop a couple feet away from Jamie and bit his lip. “But Jamie, you’re home is back that way.” Cygnus said pointing to the house. “Back in there where you heart is sitting on the floor staring at his hands like he’s never seen them before.” He could feeling the choking weight of sadness in him as he stepped towards teen. “Jamie….there is no Drake without you. I can give him as much space as I want. But he won’t be my father, he will become a black hole of nothing. He will lose his touch with reality he will burn that house down to the ground with all of us in it. You can’t leave Jamie. This family will fall apart without you.” He was crying, and it was getting hard to see the blurry figure that was Jamie. “Please don’t leave us.”

That’s not my home, Cygnus. And it will never be. Drake and Neil made that perfectly clear. *He informed the younger teen, swallowing back the growing lump in his throat. It was funny how no matter what he chose it ended with the house burning down. At this point he didn’t even care and hoped that maybe it would. It would probably be for the better, he was tired of looking at it. However he caught on quickly that Cygnus was trying to guilt trip him. Or at least that’s what it felt like and it rubbed the brunet the wrong way. But he couldn’t dare bring himself to be angry with the teen, especially as he started crying. Jamie had never so much as seen him shed a tear before, so the sight of multiple tears streaming down his face tore him up*

You don’t understand… And truthfully I hope you never have to. But Drake did this to himself and now he needs to learn a lesson. *Jamie tried explaining softly as he stepped closer and reached out to caress Cygnus’ cheek, his thumb wiping away a few stray tears. It was hard to not just give in to his emotions but he had to be strong for the boy, which meant forcing his own tears back* This family survived just fine before I came and I’m sure it’ll keep going without me… But I won’t let anyone hurt you. You have to take care of twins for me but know you can still come to me for anything. You have my number right?

Somebody’s Been Sitting In My Chair ||closed||


This what Jamie wanted. And Drake couldn’t find it in him to call up the anger that drove him. The anger that pushed him forward. The anger that consumed him. He couldn’t find it. Like it was had just drained from him. He could hear Jamie as he moved towards the door. He felt the blood bond tug at his heart, urging him to stop Jamie. Urging him to go after the boy, to keep Jamie by his side. But he didn’t. He couldn’t.

He was empty. There was nothing that he could do. There was nothing he wanted to do. He was just so empty. He felt like every emotion he had just felt has left him. He wasn’t angry, he wasn’t upset. He wasn’t anything. He was just there. It physically pained him as Jamie stepped through those doors and his body screamed at him to move. To stop his fiancee to not let this end. To hold on to their love. But he couldn’t. There was feet pounding down the stairs and suddenly Cygnus was there in front of him.

"Where’s Jamie?" The teen asked and Drake wondered if it was because of the crush.

"He left." Drake answered his voice low and empty and dead.

Cygnus frowned and looked towards the door. He raced out after Jamie. He wasn’t going to let this family fall apart because Drake was being stupid. “Jamie! Where are you going?” Cygnus called after the teen.

*Jamie had barely made it half way down the drive when he heard his name being called by a familiar voice; Cygnus. What was he doing out here? There was no doubt he had most likely been listening to their argument but the last thing he needed was the teen getting involved. He needed to be inside, safely in his room until things simmered down at least. But Jamie was reluctant to turn around and even tell him so because he was afraid if he saw Cygnus’ face he wouldn’t want to leave. Already he could feel the tugging on his heart strings as the boy asked where he was going. Biting his bottom lip hard, he turned around*

I’m going home. *The brunet answered, trying to hide both the emotional and psychical pain from his face. It was hard, as it felt like his head was going to explode and the open cuts on his feet stung along with the burns on his face* You should go back inside. I—… I don’t know how Drake will be but it’s probably best if you give him some space for the rest of the day. I don’t want you getting hurt…


How come nobody talks about all the weapons in North’s workshop?

Who brought this back?


"So, what’ve you been doing on hiatus?"

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 Jack had already taken his sweater off and was now getting ready to take his trousers off. Revealing that he seriously had no underwear underneath. he put his clothes in a pile and turned to Jamie “You kidding? I love to swim! Especially in the sea!”  

*Jamie whipped his head the other way when he noticed Jack taking off his pants and he was in fact wearing nothing else underneath. When he turned around he put a hand up to completely block him from view. They were both men and friends so some would say it shouldn’t be embarrassing to be naked in front of each other. But it was and a wave of warmth washed over his face.

Jamie got to his feet, still being careful to not look in the spirit’s direction* I didn’t know it’d be skinny dipping. *He tried to joke, offering an awkward laugh afterwards before clearing his throat* Uh, you go ahead and I’ll meet you in the water?





how much do islands cost i want one

Less than a college education


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Somebody’s Been Sitting In My Chair ||closed||


His fingers tightend and the voices were screaming in ecstasy. Kill him. Destroy him. Show him the monster he loves. Show him as he dies.  The barrier creaked and groaned before shattering. Memories flood his mind and tears flooded his eyes. Everyone was always trying to leave him. You’re dangerous they cried. I’ll show you danger. You’re monstrous they scream. I’ll show you a monster. And he did. He showed them and he took away there ability to leave. But that wasn’t all that came, the blood bond. Deafened by the voices, came screeching back and there was emotions. He didn’t like them and it made his skin feel like it was stretched to tight over his body. There was pain, betrayal, anger, hate and hope. Dying hope. And the lack of oxygen burning his lungs.

There was hands on his and they were hot like they were on fire and it was hard to breath like someone was choking him. His mind focused and there was Jamie, struggling under his hands as he choked him. Tears fell from his face and one landed on his skin. It hurt it burned. He jerked away releasing the boy and backing away. “Not again.” This is the way it is. The way it will always be. You will kill that which you love most. It is what you are. Nothing but a monster. Nothing but a monster.He took a step away from Jamie before collapsing before the boy. 

The teen’s words suddenly raced through his mind and he released what had happened. He was going to do to Jamie what he had done to Lovisa. “Pathetic Jamie?” He swallowed hard, he wasn’t sure what it was but all he could focus on the mass of pain that was his fiancee. “My presence disgust me?” He scoffed as he looked away from the teen. “You sound just like the voices. I’m surprised you didn’t call me a monster. I’m surprised that you didn’t remind me of ever person I’ve had to kill, ever person I killed because I wanted to and the things that I do to my pets! I’m surprised that you didn’t mention that you owned me! That you didn’t tell me you were never going to leave! But that would be a lie, they always leave in the end. Even the voices. So go on, leave. And if I never see your face it will be too soon.”

*Jamie collapsed to the floor, gasping and coughing, rubbing the area around his neck where Drake’s hands had just been. He pressed himself close to the wall, refusing to so much as glance in the Reaper’s direction as he struggled to catch his breath. He was alive and he wished that it didn’t surprise him so much.

The back of the brunet’s head was pounding and he reached back to hold it as he managed to sit himself up. But it wasn’t just his head that hurt, his whole body did. He felt as if he’d been run over by a truck. Drake was talking again and Jamie forced himself to look at him, just a few feet away pathetically on the floor, just like him. Only his face hadn’t been burned or his feet sliced open or his head slammed into a wall or his throat almost crushed.

Tears were still welled up in Jamie’s eyes and he tried to blink them away. Had Drake told him to leave? It was hard to hear over the blood pounding in his ears. Was this a trick or a test of some kind? The door was only a few feet away but where would he go? It’d take him hours to walk home and with his feet in the shape they were… And his mother would ask him all kinds of questions… Jamie looked long and hard at Drake. Let her ask questions, he thought bitterly, he’d tell her truth. He didn’t owe the older male anything. He’d already given him so much.

Slowly the teen forced himself to his feet, using the wall for support. This was not his home, it never had been. The only thing that had been here for him was gone. Wordlessly he walked along the wall towards the door, glancing over at Drake now and then; He still wasn’t sure if he was really going to let him go. Jamie bent down to retrieve his shoes and slipped them on, wincing. Then he was inching the front door open, looking back one more at Drake before disappearing out it*

Somebody’s Been Sitting In My Chair ||closed||


Leave? Leave? There is no leaving. Once you belong to us, you don’t leave. There is no leaving. "There is no leaving." the words slipped from his mouth without his notice. His lips twisted into a smile, that looked like it was made from broken glass. "Marry Neil? What a foolish thing to do. There was a boy that loved…." His words falter and the block on his memories is pushed against. "No, there’s a boy I love. There’s a boy I love. " His eyes get hazy and he is suddenly assaulted by all the times he hurt Jamie. "No, there’s a boy I love and he owns my heart, soul and sanity."

NOOOOO.  The voices filled his mind and raged consuming the memories Drake had been desperately clinging too. HE DOESN’T OWN YOU WE OWN YOU. YOU ARE OURS. YOU HAVE NO SOUL. YOU ARE BUT A MONSTER. YOU HAVE NO HEART. YOU ARE BUT A MONSTER. YOU HAVE NO  SANITY. YOU ARE A MONSTER. Show him how monstrous you can be."Let you go? No, no no. I can’t do that I won’t do that. I would rather watch you die than see you leave! YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE!" Drake’s hands released Jamie’s shoulders and they found themselves around Jamie’s neck.

Humans so fragile. So breakable. So fragile. Break him Drake. End him. End him."End him. I will.” His hands tightened against the teen’s wind pipe. “Try and leave me now.” Drake whispered to the brunet.

*For a moment Jamie really believed Drake was going to let him go as he talked about loving him. The static surrounding his thoughts seemed to simmer down at this, much to the voice’s confusion and dislike. He doesn’t love you! It’s a lie! He’s just trying trick you so he can own you, it snarled almost desperately. Drake couldn’t have proved it more right when his hands wrapped themselves around Jamie’s neck suddenly. He was yelling again, diminishing any hope the brunet had. There was no fixing this now. Neil was right, he wasn’t anything special. He was just another lover in the never ending line in Drake’s life. There was plenty before him and there was just as many unsuspectingly waiting to replace him. He never had a chance. And neither will they.

The haze over the teen’s eyes seemed to clear as the hands increasingly tightened. His own hands shot up, trying to pry the Reaper’s fingers away but to no avail. Maybe it was best if he died right here. If he lived he would never be free would he? No, the voice answered and it surprised Jamie to hear it sound so soft, almost like it was sympathetic. He blinked and a few tears fell. He didn’t try to speak because there was nothing left to say and Drake didn’t deserve the satisfaction of hearing his last gasping words*

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