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Hey there, the names Jamie Bennett. I'm 17 years old and my best friend is a mischievous winter spirit named Jack Frost.

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[NSFW at times. Magic anons are more than welcomed]
[Right corner image credited to Frosted-Cocoa]


11: “Deep seeded.” Unless you are gardening, it should be “deep seated” (i.e. She had a deep seated and visceral abhorrence of cats). 

❝ who is going to write the starter? ❞


anicent roleplay proverb (via fatali-morte)

(via mvmarcz)


"I’m not trying to change the subject. I figured that we had finished with the subject and that we were going to talk about something else." He caught Jamie’s finger. "What else do we have to talk about?"

I don’t know. *Jamie turned his hand around and laced their fingers together* How about the fact that you haven’t kissed me yet. Could it perhaps be because you are getting kisses from someone else~?

your porn sprees are fun uwu

[Lol, I’m glad someone thinks so~]


would anyone know what building this is?

The fact that that is animation blows my mind.


BH6 merch I would like to see - Honey Lemon’s phone case

Jamie is super jealous of Honey Lemon’s phone case…


New Hiro footage (x)

Well, aside from one, because I had to fll up that empty space.

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